Policies & Procedures

Richardson Properties’ Policies and Procedures provide a step-by-step guide regarding core management procedures, as well as direction in handling unique situations and emergencies. In addition, our Employee (Associates) Handbook, which provides a detailed summary of all of our employee-related policies, is available to all associates.

Property inspections also are conducted by the Asset Manager, Regional Director, Regional Maintenance Director and Construction department members for compliance in maintenance areas, such as HVAC, pools, and capital replacements.

Compliance with Richardson Properties’ Policies and Procedures is monitored through a qualitative analysis of our efforts through a series of on-site inspections and mystery “shops.” These are conducted in person, by telephone or via the Internet by a third-party service each quarter. A detailed shopper report and recorded telephone conversation are provided to the Area Manager and Vice President Real Estate for review and action.

New associates are required to attend a half-day New Hire Orientation class, which familiarizes them with Richardson Properties corporate team, our management philosophy, Human Resource-related information (including a review of the Associate Handbook, benefit summary and specific policies) and Fair Housing training.

Richardson’s Fair Housing training reviews what is, and what isn’t, permitted in property management. Examples of prohibited practices and general rules required of employees to ensure compliance are reviewed in depth. Richardson’s training department also offers Gracehill Fair Housing training and Gracehill refresher courses regularly throughout the year to enable employees to stay current on all Fair Housing laws.