Human Resources

Richardson’s Human Resources department (HR) is a cornerstone that supports the firm’s principles of quality people, strong customer service, solid market knowledge, quality systems and support capabilities. The department offers professional consulting services, as well as programs designed to recruit and retain quality personnel. Richardson Properties also utilizes Gracehill information systems that meet the unique needs of the property management business.

Richardson offers market competitive employee compensation and benefits packages, as well as orientation programs, training, performance management and other policies that support employee success and retention. By taking these steps the department has built a strong talent base of tenured team members, adding significant value to our clients.


  • Corporate and property staffing, training and retention support
  • Pre-hiring assessments
  • Competitive health care coverage
  • Performance management
  • Payroll services
  • Benefits administration
  • Employment law, unemployment & workers’ comp

At Richardson Properties, we believe that success lies within the people who make up our Company. Our greatest asset – and our most important asset – is our people. With this in mind, we offer professional, ongoing and applicable training to all of our employees. We are proud to offer some of the most exciting and innovative training courses in the multifamily industry.
Training extends to all levels of our company structure and is considered requisite – not only for advancement, but to ensure a job well done.

Training, in its various forms, can be one-on-one, Gracehill, RealPage Onesite, classroom-style or large seminar format. Each training component is designed with workplace effectiveness in mind. However, it is not all “books and charts” with Richardson Properties. We take fun very seriously and we pride ourselves on creating positive and memorable moments, both in the classroom and on the job.

We believe that training should be such that employees actually look forward to attending a course. Employees know the value of being equipped, educated and prepared for the day-to-day challenges they encounter. They also know that a little bit of fun doesn’t hurt either. Courses at Richardson Properties are prepared to propel our employees to the next degree of excellence in service, knowledge and professionalism.



GraceHill Training For New Hires and Continued Education Program
RealPage OneSite eLearning Training Modules
Leasing Basics: (Telephone Techniques, Sales, Fair Housing)
Advanced Leasing (Personality Selling, Leadership, Service Scenarios)
Customer Service


GraceHill Training For New Hires and Continued Education Program
Fair Housing
Anti-Harassment, Anti-Discrimination Training
New Hire Orientation Training
Leadership Development Training
Safety Training/Emergency Response Training
Theft Prevention


GraceHill Training For New Hires and Continued Education Program
Manager Development
Shadow Program


GraceHill Training For New Hires and Continued Education Program
Customer Service
Appliance Diagnosis and Repair
HVAC Diagnosis and Repair
HVAC Freon Recovery Requirements
Hazardous Chemical Handling
Electrical Troubleshooting
CPO (Certified Pool Operator)


Our management approach and open door policy, at all levels of the organization, helps cultivate communication and create cohesive teamwork. Our employees are encouraged to become problem solvers, and empowered to offer their own input and opinions into the process of serving our clients and residents. We reward their contributions and their successes, and we invest in our employees through mentoring training and development programs.

Company Position Average Tenure in Years
Regional Directors 30
Accountants 40
Human Resource 30
Vice President 30
Corporate Team Combined 100+